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Kellner Canyon Trail #242

Kellner Canyon is one of Pinals premier trails which is loaded with remnants of a time forgotten. Strew about the upper portion of Kellner Canyon are some very interesting boilers and other various industrial remains of the old Brennan saw mill.


As you start to descend into Kellner Canyon and follow the trail you will quickly enter a section of trail that travels along and within the upper drainage. After a bit you will go through a gate and resume your journey on trail towards the remains of the old saw mill and its equipment remnants. Once you pass through this area the trail continues down Kellner Canyon traversing on the eastern wall as it makes it way through the pines. As the trail continues to drop you start to encounter more chaparral as the trails transitions from the pines. Much of the lower chaparral received heavy fire damage and is still recovering. The views on this trail have opened up as a result providing some great views unique to this trail. Overall this trail has that less traveled feel and best traveled fall-early summer. 

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