Trail Work Events

Current information for all Tonto Gravity Riders Trail Work Events for Pinal Mountain Trails.


**** Update Jan 19th 2022****


New updated trail dates marked on the calendar!

**** Update Oct 14th 2021****

We have permission to start our Trail Restoration Projects ahead of the termination of the Telegraph Fire Closure in Sept, 2022. This will allow us to mitigate any current and future erosion issues due to increased run off as a result of the Telegraph Fire, ample time to get the trails back in shape and ready to open back to the public.  


Join one of our numerous volunteer events aimed at restoring and improving trails on Pinal Mountain for all users.

Can't make it to one of our events and you still want to help out?? Just hit the button below to show your support for CREATING more SMILES per mile!


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Volunteer Event Calendar

Six Shooter Trail Restoration

First Productive Hikes have Started. Keep an eye on the calender for the next event.

lower sixer burn

Ice House Canyon Trail -
Work Days and Restoration Work Days

The time is here we have permission to continue to do work on Ice House Canyon Trail. Trail Days will consist of doing general tread maintaince and also doing trail restoration work in heavily damaged/eroded areas. Check our calendar above for upcoming work days or click on Henry's picture for the next event!    


Kellner Canyon Trail Restoration

Coming Mid November 2021 we will start to do productive hikes to clean drains and asses the damage from the Telegraph Fire. After a few of those we will move into Trail Maintaince and Tread restoration. Both the 2017 Pinal Fire and Telegraph fire burned through this great trail. 


Check out the calendar for those November Dates or click the picture below to join the first Productive Hike. Hope to see you there! 

kellner 2021-4

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