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Pinal Mountain Trail System

The Pinal Mountain Trail System is located on one of Arizona's prized sky islands. The trail system is largely comprised of old roads that were used for varying purposes in the early history of the area. Like all sky islands Pinal Mountain is host to many species of flora and fauna. You will experience everything from grasslands-desert scrub to pinyon-juniper as you descend or ascend one of the many beautiful trails in the Pinal Mountain Trail System.


Personal favorites for mountain bikers and hikers alike seem to be of course Six Shooter, Ice House and Kellner. While these are the most traveled there are many other notable trails/connectors with in the Trail System.

One of which is the Lower Portion of Telephone Trail. This is a must if you wish to extend your ride or hike. This offers a much better alternative to riding or hiking the old ice house road which was used by a local ice house in Globe to transport ice back into town.


Other notable trails are some of the smaller upper loops these provide excellent short hikes for family's while camping and recreating on Pinal Mountain. 

Tonto Gravity Riders is excited to be a part of making this trail system great and look forward to expanding trail opportunities while increasing the quality of trails located on this special sky island. Join our effort to build for the future! 

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