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Volunteer Resources

Volunteers are an important part of a non-profit organization and Tonto Gravity Riders relies on our volunteer base to help us perform maintenance and restoration on our adopted trails on Pinal Mountain.  All user groups have expressed their enjoyment and support for the work we have done to improve the trails on Pinal Mountain.  

Join us in our continued effort to better the user experience for all and as we move forward with much bigger projects on Pinal Mountain.  The Telegraph fire has left a lasting mark on the Pinal Mountain Trail System and it will take lots of hard work from our group and you our volunteers.

Come join us and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while giving back!


                 "Let's create more smiles per mile together"

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Hard work

What To bring

Some items are required to participate in our volunteer events. The rest are srongly recommended.

- Long Pants (Mandatory)
- Sturdy Shoes (Mandatory) 
- Safety glasses/ sunglasses (required for most tasks)

- Long Sleeves

(Strongly recommended)
-  Sunscreen/hat
- Plenty of water/snacks
- Weather appropriate gear i.e. poncho/ jacket

- Good attitude (Mandatory)
- Gloves
- Plenty of WATER!!
- Personal trail tool if you have one you love.

The volunteer will always have a professional, courteous, and helpful attitude when dealing with all members of the public, fellow volunteers, and Forest Service employees.

Pinal Mountain Topo Map

What to expect

- There is a good chance you will get dirty!
- Sore muscles are normal after hard work!
- Expect to see lots of smiles and have fun! 
- Trail work is Rewarding!
- Trail work is good Exercise!

Trail Work , Volunteering , Volunteer Trail Work , Trailwork
Trail Work , Rock Bar

Work will include but not be limited to

Hiking on uneven terrain, digging in dirt and rock, bending and stooping, using hand tools (Pulaski, shovel, pick mattock, McLeod, rock bar, lopper, pruning saw, etc.), moving soil and rock using a wheelbarrow and/or carrying by hand, working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, and moderate to heavy lifting.

Safety First !!

Have a look and be aware of some of the following while volunteering with us. Each public work event will have a safety meeting to go over all safety info and worksite specific safety information prior to starting work.

Long Pants and sturdy shoes are Mandatory to participate! This is for your safety and a requirement per our agreement with the Forest Service.

Be aware of your surroundings while working. Maintain safe distance from others while using a tool or while in proximity to others using tools. 


Watch for signs of dehydration within the group. Drink Plenty of Water!


Don't over exert yourself and work within your limits. Take breaks as needed.

Be watchful of things that like to bite, poke and sting as they live in abundance in Arizona. Snakes, Scorpions, Bees and centipede's are common.

Tools should carried with the head down and sharp end pointed towards the outside of the trail. 

The volunteer will provide their own water, food and personal items (including clothing, medications, sun protection, rain gear, etc.) that they may need for the workday.  The Forest Service requires that all volunteers wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, sturdy shoes (such as hiking boots or work boots), sunglasses and /or safety glasses, work gloves and/or any other personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to comply with the USDA Code and Safety Handbook

 "One of the greatest gifts we can give is our time.  Join us in our efforts to build and maintain sustainable trails for all." 

Basic Trail maintaince

Building Mountain Bike Trails

Constructing Trail Switchbacks

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