Ice House Trail Workers

Past Trail Work

Saturday Nov 13th 2021-Kellner Canyon Trail Productive Hike

Today 3 of us hiked down kellner 2.5 miles to get eyes on the work ahead of us and work a few sections plus remove as much deadfall as we could. Overall its in ok shape..the top rocky section is pretty tore up but fixable. Everything else down has none to moderate damage but looks better than sixer so far.

Sunday Oct 24th 2021-Six Shooter Canyon Trail Productive Hike

Good grief. Another super long hard day spent logging out Six Shooter. Unfortunately I am sad to report that Six Shooter went from the Best its been in ages to the absolute worst shape we have ever seen it. Don't worry it will take a ton of work but we are up to it!

Sunday Oct 17th 2021- Ice House Canyon Trail Productive Hike

Two of us went up today to do some more work and get eyes on the rest of Ice House. Lots of work to do. Also there are about a dozen trees down from mid point down. While the fire did very little damage record rains really did a number to a few sections.

Fall 2021
MAY 15th - MAY 16th
Campout/Trail Work Weekend

Join us as we make our way down Six Shooter from the top. We will work to the base of the HAB then hike back up getting things we may have passed. Depending on the number of us this may be one of the last cleanup days on sixer. There will be other Six Shooter trail days where we will continue to recut the bench in areas below the HAB on the downside.

Anyways pants, sturdy shoes and plenty of fluids/snacks required.

Weather wise it will be mid May so temps are on the rise. Long sleeves would be good to protect you from the sun. But hopefully we will be enjoying cooler temps and shade in the upper reaches.

We will meet at the Six Shooter parking lot next to Ferndale spring. From there we will hike/work our way down.

Sunday will be a fun-day with lots of riding!

Come campout or join for the day!

Upper Six Shooter sign
SATURDAY, May 1st, 2021
AT 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Ice House Trail Maintenance

Another fantastic day on the mountain. Icehouse got tons of love today.

Ice House Trail Sign
SATURDAY, March 20th, 2021 AT 9:30 AM MST – 4:30 PM 
Six Shooter Trail Maintenance

Wow was a warm one today. We brushed open 1/2 mile of trail today with almost no shade in sight. Cant believe how overgrown the trail was from the check dam/sixer junction to the ccc. On another note we are over half way done with the segment below the road to icehouse ccc. Thanks again folks! Not many pictures as trimming is boring lol. .83 miles from ccc up now clear and clean.

Loaded Evoc Bag
SUNDAY, April 10th-11th, 2021 
Ice House Trail Maintenance

A group of us went up for a weekend of working and then enjoying the fruits of or labor.  A ton of work was put into re-establishing tread on upper Ice House. It was a great weekend. 

Ice House Trail Crew
SATURDAY, February 13th, 2021 
Six Shooter Trail Maintenance 

Great day 5 of us went up to finish off the lower 1.25miles. Moving upward next round. Big thanks to our crew today! Corridor trimming finished, drains cleaned and some tread-work was done.

Hard working shortbus
SATUDAY, January 10th, 2021 
Six Shooter Recon/trail evaluation

Today a few of our group went up to get current recon of Six Shooter for our up coming trail maintenance day. Myself and another rode/HAB up from the bottom while a couple others rode down.. as to be expected there are multiple trees down that need moved/cut and a good section or two that needs re-benched.

Overall its still good enough to have a great ride on now if your not scared of super skinny exposed single track - .

Lots of corridor cleaning and cats claw reaching out into the trail that needs removal.

Picture is one of the worst spots that is going to take a good deal of work to fix up and protect from mother nature when normal precipitation returns.

   Thanks to Daniel Keeme Austin Davis and Catie Hoekstra for help doing recon today!

Can't wait for our trail day!

Sixshooter spring
Sunday Nov 7th 2021-Ice House  Canyon Trail Restoration

Another day on the books. Big thanks to our volunteers today! We are approx halfway to Telephone junction. We will be working from here making our way down towards telephone on Dec. 4th. Check out the event for more details. Next weekend will be our first Kellner Canyon Productive hike.

Ice House Midway
Saturday Oct 23rd 2021-Six Shooter Canyon Trail Productive Hike

Tons of hiking today for 5 of us. We made our way down Six Shooter to get first eyes on the damage left by the fire and record monsoon rains. We made our way dawn from Ferndale to the top of the mid point climb. Tons of deadfall removed and some drain/tread wash outs fixed. Thanks to all that showed today

Catie Austin Sixer
Saturday Oct 16th 2021 Ice House Canyon Trail Productive Hike

Todays Productive hike on Ice House Canyon Trail was a success! As you can tell from the pictures Ice House has for the most part made it through the fire with very little damage. Everything was just as we left it and all our hard work earlier in the season is holding up beautifully. We were able to clean some drains and we continued working where we left off in May . We only encountered one area on our hike down where a spot fire burned a small area but left the trail corridor alone and burned some tools we had stashed off trail. Hopefully tomorrow we will get eyes on the rest of Ice House.

SATURDAY, May 8th, 2021 
Ice House Trail maintenance

Wow such a beat down today. We did some easy tread clean up to get warmed up and moved down to one of the most notoriously bad spots where the tread was gone. For a biker there was barely enough dirt on a root to jump past the mess but for the less technical and any other user group it was let's say it was #$&% haha . Needless to say 4 of us spent the better part of the day fixing that spot up to handle all the traffic 2wheeled or 4 legged.. tons of rocks moved today. Big thanks to those who continue to give their time to make the Pinal's better for all.

Volunteer Worker
SATURDAY, MARCH 13th, 2021
AT 9:30 AM  – 4:30 PM 
Six Shooter Trail Maintenance


Weather is moving in on us for Saturday. Dress accordingly as the high for around the parking spot will be 45 brrr. Low around 36. Chance of moisture only around 20% during our time frame.

I am also thinking about working from the road down towards Ice House ccc. That way we are less likely to get caught in Mountain weather at the lower altitude. Plus if mother nature gets grumpy we would be much closer to the vehicles. Another plus is the lower section will be hero dirt opposed to the dry hard pack it was already.

We will take a vote after the morning meeting and we can judge the weather's behavior.

I understand if anyone wants to take a rain check .  

Six Shooter Trail Sign Lower
Six Shooter Trail Maintenance

1st official trail maintenance day. Unfortunately this event is already at max due to covid guidelines and is closed. Keep tuned for future days with openings to join in as there will be plenty of opportunity to do your part to support this movement.

Big Group
SUNDAY, February 7th, 2021 
Iron Goat Feature Build

Last feature build on Iron Goat was a hit so a few of us were invited back out to work with the Hawes Trail Alliance to add some more smiles and safe progressive features. We built a two in one

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27th, 2021 AT 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
Six Shooter Trail Maintenance

Okay we have some room for a few volunteers for another maintaince day on Six Shooter. Possibly more depending on how many crew leaders are available. We will be hiking in approx. 3/4 of a mile to work area and working upward. We will be trimming corridor, fixing tread trouble areas , Removing cats claw and fixing/cleaning drains as needed.

Pants, Sturdy Shoes, eye protection ,plenty of food/water and of course some sort of face covering are required. I will have a few extra masks with me just in case.

We will be meeting around 9:30 for our morning meeting and hiking up shortly thereafter. Plan to be on trail for the entire duration so pack accordingly.

Six Shooter Sign Lower.jpg
SATURDAY, January 23rd, 2021 
Iron Goat Feature Build

Some TGR folks out doing work with HTA folks to add some more smiles on a portion of Iron Goat! We were able to add some progressive fun for those craving some air. It Was An Awesome day!