Sunrise Flow Trail

This page is for our board members personal project at Sunrise Ski Resort! This project is supported by TGR and its core volunteer base but is financially supported by personal funds and personal donations from those in the mountain bike community that support this special project.

Long, long Short story cut short is after many years of approaching Sunrise about doing maintenance with no luck on striking a deal that balanced work vs. reward aka lift tickets for volunteers we struck a deal this year. With management at an all time high at Sunrise our President(Chris) and board member James(no stranger to Sunrise) decided to up the ante for this personal mission of theirs. The offer was to not only design and build a green flow trail for mountain bikers but also offered to fund this trail out of personal funds. With the support of the Bike Park manager(Brian) and the rest of Sunrise Staff/Tribe blessing our offer was accepted. 

The concept was to build a green machine cut flow trail giving mountain bikers who visit Sunrise a much-needed Green Flow Trail! Sunrise has great old school raw gnar that is not always appreciated by newer riders and younger riders just getting into the gravity sport. The trail will be built in a manner that also allows for rider progression while on the same trail(blue options). The end goal is to provide a nice flowy and fun trail that everyone will enjoy and put into the rotation of their favorite trails to ride when visiting Sunrise.

Chirs and James are super stoked to be able to bring this project to life and look forward to the hoots and hollers that will be echoing down the mountain.

We also hope that this is the beginning of a yearly push to add to and make Sunrise truly an Arizona destination that has something for everyone + more!(did you know there is even a jump line and dual slalom coming to Sunrise? Check out Colby's work @ Colbys_bike_tracks ) 

If you wish to fund this personal project at surise show your support here. https://gofund.me/29355d81

None of TGR funds are being utilized for this project and any donations made to TGR or through any donation link on our website will NOT be used for this project as TGR funds are only for Pinal Mountain and our Pinal Mountain Master Plan. So be sure to donate to the gofundme page if you want to support this specific project.


Every little bit helps accomplish the goal. Corridor clearing is well on its way and machine work starts First Week of Aug. We hope with the dedication of our machine operators and the volunteer's, we can have this trail ready to ride by Mid Sept. This is not a small task and will take a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice to complete.


We will be setting up a gallery here to document the progress for the supporters.

There will be multiple public volunteer opportunities to help out in front of the machine and to help with the ever so gratifying hand finishing work behind the machine. Keep an eye on the Facebook volunteer page for those public events. Sunrise will give you a one day pass for helping us bring this trail to life.


You can also follow our Instagram account as well for the stoke. 


Trusty Greenworks Saws

We pulled out all the stops to make quicker progress on the opening up the corridor for the trail. Yes its going to be 60"+ wide


Deadfall Decades old

As you might expect this 2nd growth forest is thick with downfall that is decades old.


Thick Forest

We have lost count of how many trees we have had to cut to open up a nice corridor with great sightlines.